Dulles Technology Partners Inc is the leading provider of grants management software for both organizations that give away grant money and for organizations that receive grant money. The WebGrants suite of products is 100% web-based full lifecycle grants management systems. For over 15 years DTPi has provided high quality products and services to a wide range of customers including the federal government, state and local governments, colleges and universities, medical research organizations and charities, foundations and non-profits.

The WebGrants suite of products is intended to replace all of a customer's current business processes and systems. Via flexible configuration the system can easily adopt to unique business rules and workflows. The WebGrants easy and intuitive interface allows customers to configure and maintain their own implementations without DTPi's involvement.

Proven Success

For over a 15 years, WebGrants is a trusted grants management solution used by the Federal Government, state governments, local governments, colleges and Universities, medical research organizations, and charities and non-profits in the United States and around the world.

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Fully Tailored System

The built-in Form Creator tool allows you to create all the necessary forms and configure the forms, workflow and business rules yourself.

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World-Class Support

Dedicated support staff and extended business hours are available to services customers around the world.

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Trusted Infrastructure

The WebGrants infrastructure is highly secure, encrypted and hosted on dedicated servers with client specific databases. Your data is your property and accessible and downloadable at any time.

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Accessible Worldwide

WebGrants is a web-based system fully compatible with PCs and mobile devices. WebGrants can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time. Users can access WebGrants from work or home or any available PC. All work is saved to the cloud without any need to store information locally.

Cloud Hosting

Clients can select to host WebGrants in the cloud or to host it locally on client's own servers. All cloud based systems are hosted on dedicated servers independent of other client's data. All systems have unlimited storage capacity, unlimited users and unlimited amount of network traffic. Clients can opt for MySQL or MS SQL Server for the database.

Extensive Training

DTPi provides extensive training to all client staff. Training can be provided in person or remotely, taylored to fit the client's specific needs. DTPi will provide full system documentation in MS Word format as well as a complete online help repository built directly into the system. Client staff and users can request additional training and can ask clarification questions any time after formal training is complete.

Maintenance and Support

DTPi maintains and supports all WebGrants implementations for all cusotmers. We maintain the system infrastructure including all servers and databases. Clients are free to contact DTPi any time with any question or concern. Any issues found with the system can be reported via email, phone or via the built in trouble ticket system. DTPi will address all issues from all clients and report on progress and status until issue resolution.


DTPi has worked to ensure all client data and system access is secure to the highest levels of industry standards. Clients can set password rules. DTPi can integrate with client's third party single sign on systems. All communication is encrypted. Sensitive data is enrypted in the database. All file attachments are scanned for viruses and malware.